Lengte:1.69 m
Gewicht:55 kg
Cupmaat:75 A
Haarkleur:light blonde
Kleur ogen:green
Huidskleur:fair complexion
Ervaring:I have been working as a model since my teens - stopped due to professional matters - but created my own Instagram account some months ago
Dit doe ik niet:I'm open to every single perspective of the alternative scene, because I'm fond of keeping the subcultural spirit (especially since the 80s) alive by being involved in many different styles of all scenes since my early teens ... nevertheless I personally believe that I won't get adapted to fetish culture.


Vrouw || 20 jaar oud || woont in:

I'm fond of reviving the traditional 80s Goth Spirit over anything else (although I've always had a huge interest in almost all different kinds of subcultures, which do exist and have existed in the past ... ) - Even though I've unfortunately never had the chance to actually time travel into the 80s to make my own dark club experiences, I've been combining different well known fashion brands and creating my own self-sewn unique clothing to fit the 80s concert vibes while dancing in my "personal black and violet ivory tower of the absolute introversion" to my beloved Vinyl Collection composed of bands such as "Fields of the Nephilim", "The Mission", "Sad Lovers & Giants", "Suspiria", "Clan of Xymox" (and lots more ... :) - or even singing along to my latest beloved discoveries such as "Ground Nero" or "La Procésion de Io Infinito" ... My music adoration urges me to proclaim: True Goth Music is never going to die out, considering the fact, that so many new bands are right on their way, keeping our beloved ravenblack soundscapes alive forever!

I decided to open up my own website & YouTube channel to show that although I'm a huge Introvert (naturally struck by my Social Anxiety) I still have the possibility to share my gloomy arts, crafts & DIYs to a very special audience instead of keeping them inside of my own ivory tower ... ^^ Beloved introverts of this universe: Unite! Separately in your own castles - but unite virtually ! <3

Never forget to stay weird, unique & obscure!
Thousands of virtual black hearts,
Sheena <3
(P.S.: You can discover more Gloominess on or via my new YouTube Channel called "Sheena Showtime")


Voorkeuren van: Sheena

Bands: I've lost my heart to a magnificently great variety of different bands ... ranging from the genres 80s Post Punk, Goth Rock to recent Cold Wave, Synth & Dark Wave masterpieces ...
Books: next to classical horror literature, I'm fond of victorian inspired books as well as some Stephen King mixed inside of my bookshelf ... :)
Films: All different kinds of traditional horror movies and different indie films such as "Gypsy 83" or "Rock n' Roll Highschool" - secretly I might have a hidden Anime obsession (especially with the series "Himouto Umaru Chan" ^^
Love is: mostly discovered in the precious weirdness of us all & while spending time with our beloved animals
School/profession: artist/ tailor/ model/ future doctor
Favorite brand with Attitude:
Alchemy England

Uploads van: Sheena


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